Why an IBA blog?

9 Apr

I have thought long and hard about whether to do this blog. My main reservation was that it may be duplicating existing web resources, but overall I think there is room for a blog that highlights new ideas and relevant updates. I hope this blog will attract a range of contributions and prove of value as a simple space largely aimed to support those delivering IBA.

Another decision I wrestled with was whether to use ‘Identification and Brief Advice’ (IBA) or Screening and Brief Interventions (SBI) terminology. Actually, I lean towards SBI for a number of reasons, namely its used by NICE and has a longer history. However in my experience, it seems IBA now has a wider recognition outside the research field. The Department of Health coined IBA, along with the ‘risk’ terminology and so I wanted to keep the language as consistent as possible for the target audience of this blog.

In defence of IBA, I would also back this as applying to the simpler form or simple ‘brief advice’, not lasting much more than 5 minutes at the most. ‘Brief intervention’ however covers a wider range of approaches including longer lifestyle counselling or ‘brief motivational interviewing’ approaches. Following the release of the recent SIPS trial findings, we know that overall shorter approaches are in most cases as effective as longer interventions. For this reason, emphasising IBA as a short but effective brief intervention approach seems pragmatic to me.

See here for a paper on ‘Clarifying brief interventions’ or here for further links.

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