A breath of fresh air: when GPs do IBA

20 May

Recently I spoke at an alcohol event on the new national alcohol strategy, but I almost struggled to compose myself. It wasn’t nerves though, it was excitement. Speaking before me, a local GP had shown a level of enthusiasm for IBA beyond what I’d seen anywhere else. As an audience member, he was trying to convince me about the need for widespread IBA – I nearly burst into early applause several times!

I don’t want to knock GPs – I’ve had and worked with some excellent ones, but it’s no secret that overall they’re not exactly grabbing the IBA agenda with both hands. Despite overwhelming evidence of IBA effectiveness (especially for Primary Care) and payment incentives, GPs are not routinely delivering IBA. Of course there are many reasons behind it, and in part these need to be addressed through stronger policy, better commissioning arrangements and proper support/training and referral options.

Dr Dadabhoy wasn’t complaining about any of these barriers though. Given the cost of alcohol misuse to society and individuals, and the effectiveness of IBA, there should be no “that’s not my job” excuses. For that I applaud him.

See Dr Dadabhoy’s presentation on alcohol management and IBA in Primary Care here.

3 Responses to “A breath of fresh air: when GPs do IBA”

  1. Simone July 18, 2012 at 10:12 am #

    hear hear! can we use him as a champion please? we could really do with some good case studies to share with practices

  2. James Morris July 19, 2012 at 5:51 pm #

    Hi Simone, he is a great champion and I call upon him often, and he helps wherever he can! He is only one man though, and whilst there are others we need many more! What sort of case studies are you after?

  3. Simone July 23, 2012 at 10:39 am #

    Hi James, just the kind of thing where we can show how IBA has worked well in practice with GPs and how they’ve dealt with challenges e.g. .time constraints, being able to raise the subject, overcoming blase attitudes to drinking etc. Some of our GPs are sceptical about IBA and use it as a means to earn extra money leading to shortcuts – using lack of time or reward as justification, or the fact that people don’t like talking about their drinking. It would be helpful to show real examples of where it has worked well.

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