Audiovisual resources can be invaluable in IBA training

24 May

About ten slides in everyone loses the will to live and groans at the thought of role play … we’ve all been there.  Well one quick trick I’ve found is to just re-brand role play as “Skills Practice” which engages people’s egos by acknowledging them as already skilled practitioners even where they aren’t.  Alongside “skills practice,” often as a precursor to it, I always use audiovisual resources and ask trainees to critique the strengths and weaknesses of these.  You could use the Department of Health’s videos from the e-learning module which cover screening and Brief Advice or the SIPS videos of Brief Advice and Brief Lifestyle Counselling (also known as Extended Brief Interventions).  The critique of these mounted by most trainees is that they are not representative of the barriers that patients and/or service-users typically put up and the challenges faced by practitioners.  Both, for example, feature white middle-class, educated women.  The DoH videos do cover a range of potential reactions, including anger and denial, and show the GP negotiate these.  The SIPS videos are excellent examples of a relaxed and non-judgmental style and adept rapport-building.

Where you are training people in an A&E setting, you could make use of HAGA‘s IBA videos which cover use of the Paddington Alcohol Test (PAT) which feature Professor Robin Touquet introducing the background to the tool and its use in A&E, how to screen using the PAT, and PAT screening in action.  I won’t critique these as we did them!

Now all you need to do is get some good speakers and you are away!

One Response to “Audiovisual resources can be invaluable in IBA training”

  1. Libby Ranzetta August 18, 2013 at 11:22 am #

    Great HAGA videos – thanks Laura.

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