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‘Mystery shopping’ for IBA in Primary Care?

14 Aug

Chances are that if you sign up to a new GP practice any time soon you’ll be given the chance to answer some questions about your alcohol use. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ll also probably know more about IBA than the person asking you the questions, or following them up. This presents a unique opportunity to unofficially ‘mystery shop’ and see what’s really happening out there in practice. If it’s bad, coming clean and providing some feedback could make all the difference, as I’ve found out. Continue reading

How intense an intervention is IBA? And competencies needed?

5 Aug

I have recently been reminding myself of the content of the NHS Health Scotland document ‘Health Behaviour Change Competency Framework, which is a forensic analysis of knowledge, skills and techniques for all forms of health behaviour change effort.

The framework outlines three different levels of intervention – low, medium and high intensity which raise interesting questions about where IBA fits.  The intensity levels are described as follows:

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