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IBA – are all settings equal? Presentations and experiences

27 Oct

Two recent events explored evidence, experience and views on delivering IBA across different settings. The first – ‘IBA: are all settings equal?’ – was held in partnership between the Alcohol Academy and DrinkWise NorthWest in July. More recently the Academy teamed up with the Nottingham Recovery Partnership to deliver ‘IBA: Making Every Contact Count?’.

Both events aimed to bring together alcohol leads and practitioners to assess how IBA implementation is going – and how and whether it should be extended across further settings. Of course, ‘all settings are not equal’ because the evidence base and policy focus is on IBA in Primary Care. Yet there is clearly both an enthusiasm and investment in delivering IBA across a wide range of settings.

A few of the key presentations and discussion points are outlined below, but all presentations can be accessed here and here. Continue reading

INEBRIA 2012: research into practice?

8 Oct

INEBRIA is the International Network for Brief Interventions for Alcohol and Other Drugs. The 2012 conference was held in Barcelona on 27th and 28th September 2012.

This year I attended my first INEBRIA conference which was an overwhelmingly positive experience. The breadth of presentations, posters, and leading international experts available to talk to was inspiring. Of course much of it was focused on the latest research – to a non-academic this often leaves one constantly asking the question “How does this influence what happens in real world?”. Continue reading