Step-by-step IBA (in a nutshell)

10 Jan

Sometimes IBA is seen as something complicated. But it’s not – the beauty of it is that its short, simple and effective. To the trained practitioner, brief advice is a simple conversation framed around some key parameters; don’t push someone, ask open questions, listen etc. To the unfamiliar, discussions around IBA often seem to over-complicate things. Below is something I’ve come up with to emphasise how simple IBA really is…


See here for a PDF version of IBA in a Nutshell. For a more detailed look at IBA see our About IBA or IBA skills pages.

One Response to “Step-by-step IBA (in a nutshell)”

  1. Public Health Grasshopper January 15, 2013 at 4:45 pm #

    Great and simple illustration. It amazes me sometimes how complicated we try to make things. I can’t remember who told me but years ago someone once said the evidence-based secret to successful IBA is like the secret the success of the US drug courts:

    Someone with percieved authority (1) tells someone who is willing to listen (2) that what they are doing is causing harm to themselves (3). Information is then provided about how to get further support and help (4).

    If you get all 4 of those ingredients you’ve got yourself a successful intervention. Your illustration demonstrates this simplicity really well.

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