Brief Advice bullets: reducing hangovers?

4 Sep

Not everyone gets hangovers – a study from Boston University found that  as many as 30% of people may be immune to them. But for those of us that are susceptible, one must assume they act as a powerful preventative agent.

ow my headSo the appeal of reducing those painful after effects could be a useful ‘brief advice’ bullet for a risky drinker to contemplate. This may be especially powerful considering that there appears to be no evidence that hangover cures actually work.

So asides from the more serious risks of heavy drinking, like over 60 medical conditions and diseases, feeling fresher the next day may be a good reason for some to think about change. In fact a popular moderation movement originating in Australia called Hello Sunday Morning has based itself on this idea.

Of course many drinkers are still likely to experience those uncomfortable after effects of excessive alcohol from time to time. In which case, advising to drink water or soft drinks during and after is still the most sound advice to avoid the dehydrating effects. It has also been touted that soft drinks before and during drinking sessions may slow down drinking by quenching thirst or leaving less room for booze.

But remember, each to their own. Ask a drinker what their reasons for change might be, and perhaps offer suggestions rather than ‘advice’ per se.

See here for a Guardian article busting the myth of hangover cures, or a Drinkaware page on dealing with hangovers.

See here for previous ‘brief advice bullets’.

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  1. James Morris September 21, 2015 at 6:42 pm #

    New research old conclusion:

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