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New look to the blog…

10 Jan

As our readership grows we want to keep improving the blog. We’ve had some feedback the old look was maybe a bit ‘crowded’. What do you think, is this an improvement? We’re going to give it some further tweaks, but hopefully you’ll like the new look. But please leave a comment below if you have a preference!

IBA bloggers wanted!

8 Apr

Do you have ideas or experience that is relevant to readers of the IBA blog? We want this blog to open to expert contributors who can support the blog through sharing their IBA learning, experience and ideas.

Here’s a few simple things you should consider if thinking about contributing to the alcohol IBA blog:

  • Do you have specific experience or knowledge of IBA that can benefit readers? This blog aims to promote understanding and confidence in IBA amongst those who can deliver it.
  • The art of blogging… is arguably to keep things accessible and easily understood. The blog therefore aims to keep things simple, clear and pretty concise because our audience are not alcohol or IBA experts. We want IBA to appeal to the many different roles out there that can help people reduce risky drinking through IBA.
  • It’s not a space for marketing or promotion. Most of us work for services and organisations that we want to highlight the good work of, especially in tough times. Contributions will need to have the primary aim of sharing IBA learning, ideas or experience that will benefit readers.

If you think you have ideas or experience that will benefit our readers and want to contribute, please do get in touch!