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IBA ‘mystery shopping’ experiences: the good, the bad and the…

12 Sep

Recently I posted about opportunities to ‘mystery shop’ IBA when signing up to new GP practice. Whilst there are some issues to consider, generally I think this can be a really valuable way to make a difference. As we seem to know IBA is often poorly delivered in Primary Care, so we need to take every opportunity we can to help improve it.

So here is summary of some of my three actual ‘mystery shopping’ experiences, which interestingly ranged from good to bad. And something in-between…

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Is the unit message getting through?

6 Jun

As an alcohol trainer one regular question I get from commissioners and public health clinicians is “do you think the unit message is getting through”.

I have been using interactive voting devices now for 4 years and I had something interesting happen the other day in an IBA session. The wonderful thing about these devices is not only the interactive properties of using voting systems but you get a feedback of real-time knowledge as a percentage results.This means you can guide your session to the participants needs.

My gut reaction over the past 4 years is that the message has been getting through. In my last session with GP’s and allied staff could 80% could work out units of alcohol and 90% knew the recommended guidelines. Yes there were 10 delegates in the room! My plan is examine the results over the past 4 years and over 4000 delegates to see if knowledge is getting better. I will let you know soon.

On reflection when I first started in alcohol services 16 years ago there was very little interest from clients or clinicians about units. We tried to talk units to service users we were met with blank faces and at least there is now some recognition of the need to talk units rather than pints or mls.

Off to analyse some data!