Training & skills

As outlined in the briefing paper ‘Clarifying brief interventions’, most roles will require training in order to effectively deliver IBA. In most cases, training to deliver simple IBA, rather than extended brief interventions, should be prioritised based on the following key points:

  • Identification and Brief Advice skills can be effectively taught to non-specialists within in a relatively short time-frame, often within a few hours of training
  • Non-specialists will be likely to benefit from face-to-face training which allows them to practice the skills and methods for delivering Identification and Brief Advice
  • An IBA e-learning course is available which identifies the key knowledge and tools necessary to deliver ‘simple brief advice’
  • An IBA app is available including short actor demonstration videos
  • More advanced skills and training approaches are required to deliver ‘brief motivational interviewing’ and ‘brief treatment’ approaches

A list of IBA training providers is also available, and the key IBA tools are available here. For GPs the RCGP run substance misuse courses.

Some here for some slides on Train the Trainer in IBA considerations.

For further information about IBA training please get in touch.

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